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Who Was My Family?

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Who Was My Family?
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Who Is My Family and Who AM I?

My name is Wendi Lawhorn. I was born Wendy Diane Jones. I am 29 years old and I am frequently searching for new information about family. I am constantly be reassured that there is a connection among all of us, and I am becoming less and less surprised each time I find a new connection to people I know, the famous, and even royalty and nobility.

The closest branches of my family tree go as follows: I am Wendi Diane (Jones) Lawhorn, married to Matthew Allen Lawhorn. I have very little information on my Lawhorn connection. I was born Wendy Diane Jones. My father is Dillard Jones Jr., and I also have very little information there. His father was Dillard Rufus Jones, his mother was Edith Gertrude Rose.
My mother is Peggy Diane Poe, and her father was Cecil James Poe, and I have very little information on this side. Her mother is Mertice Jewell Chastain. I actually have more information on this side than any other side.
I was previously married to Dallas Steven Graham, from which I had a daughter with.  Her name is Callie Mackenzie Lawhorn.  She was born Callie Mackenzie Graham, but my present husband adopted her.  She also has a half-sister from a relationship with Dallas "Steven" and Tiffany Holder after our divorce.  Her name is Tristan Blair Graham. I have very little information on this family as well. In fact, this family is the main reason I have created this site.  I would like to record family history information about them for future reference for my daughter. 

My Daughter, Callie Mackenzie (Graham) Lawhorn

What an Amazing Journey!

Currently, I have 13,751 individuals in my family tree.  I have only been searching for about 5 years now, but it have certainly been a fantastic experience.  It is amazing the people I have found.  Through this research, one can really examine who they truly are and how connected the human race really is.

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