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Everything In Life! is designed for just for people who want to work from home. It began in January, 2005 when founder, Wendi Lawhorn decided she wanted to work for herself. With a daughter and another child on the way, she had quit her job as a bank teller and wanted to make money while she was attending her children.
For a while, she tried useless programs, invested time and money, and seemed to be getting nowhere. It wasn't until she realized that she needed to stop being selfish. And with this epiphany, she knew that if she helped others, she might just help herself. And sure enough, that was her calling. Killing two birds with one stone, so to speak, she is making money from home and helping others do the same. She says,"I really wish I had someone that could have guided me through this process. So that is what drives me to help others. They are exactly where I was 3 years ago. I want them to follow their dreams, and never give up, no matter how broad they may be."
More About Wendi:

"Ok...I am going to let you know a little more about Wendi.  I am not that good at talking about myself, as I am some other subjects, but for those who wanted to know more about me, here it is!" 

Wendi at 18 years old
May 1997

Wendi holding son, Gage. At 26 years old.
December 2004

Wendi and husband, Matt. At 27 years old.
July 2006

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Pregnant with Gage at 25 years old.
April 2004

Wendi at Gage's Birthday Party. At 26 years old.
May 2005

Wendi...all giddy! At 28 years old.
June 2007

Basics of About Me
1) What is your name?Wendi Lawhorn
2) What is your age?29
3) What is your sign?Scorpio
4) What is your height?5' 3"
5) What is your weight?125 lb
6) What is your hair color?Brown
7) What is you eye color?Brown
8) What is your race?Caucasion
9) What is your marrital status?Married
10) Do you have children? If so, how many?Yes, I have 3. A girl 9, a boy 4, and a boy 2.
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Well...there it is.  That's me.  If you want to ask me another question that was not posted, I will post the answer on here or email you.  Just fill out the question box below.

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We depend on your donations.  Anything you can give is greatly appreciated.

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