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The above openings offer up to 30% of sales and donations referred by the afilliate. No cost and no investment on your part 100% FREE!

Below you can be a simple afilliate for free or by choosing higher afilliate levels. can work for me for free and receive 5% of any donations or payments for services except for the "Services" page that are referred by you. You will receive a unique member ID that you give to those you refer then as I receive payment, I will transfer 5% of this to your paypal account. All you have to do is have a paypal account and provide me with your paypal email address when you apply for level 1. If you want to make even more money, you can apply for level 2 which will cost you only $5.50 per month, but you will receive 10% of all payments and donations from referrals that you give, and to go even further, if you apply for level 3, it costs you only $10.50 per month for %15 of all donations and payments of referred customers and donors that you give. Just be sure to incorporate your ID number into your advertisement for me, so that your referral can enter it when they make a donation or payment. All of this applies to all services except for those listed on the "Services" page, but this will soon be included as well in the near future. The first step is to fill out the application below. Start with level 1 for free and see how it works for you. You have nothing to lose, it's FREE!

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Current Job Openings

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We depend on your donations.  Anything you can give is greatly appreciated.

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