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Free and Easy Home Remedies and Solutions:




1. Non-Toxic Solution for Ants
Sprinkle uncooked breakfast grits on and around ant mounds and when they take them inside and share them with other ants, they eat them up. After the drink water, the grits swell inside them, and they die.
2. Ugly Stump in your yard?
After you cookout, take the left over charcoal that are still hot, and dump them in the center of the stump. The more and more you do this, it will eventually disappear.
3. Need help growing roses?
Save banana peels, let them dry out and get crisp and crumbly. Then cut them into small pieces, and bury them a few inches inthe soil around your rosebush. This free, non-toxic fertilizer also works well for other flowers and veggies, but especially roses.
4. Need starter trays for your seeds?
Use egg cartons(not sterephome), and eggshells. When you break your eggshells for breakfast, try to break them in half, then take the shells replace them into the carton, and you have an earth-friendly way to start your seeds and transplant your plants later. However be sure to place a catch for the water underneath the carton.
5.Get rid of aphids and whiteflies in your garden.
Smear an ? index card with petrolium jelly and place it around the infested area. They can't resist this color and they will get stuck on the sticky trap.
6. Tired of constantly watering your plants?
Don't go buy water-absorbing crystals if you have a baby around. Just take a clean disposable diaper and slit it open. Shake it, or mix it into your potting soil. It is the same material and it will swell and retain moisture for your soil.
7. Did you forget to water your plants?
If your soil has dried up around your plant, and pulled away from around the pot, pouring water into it will often just go down the edges around the soil. Put your pot in a tub, container, or sink and fill it with an inch of lukewarm water, and it will slowly soak up the all that it needs.
8. Plant leaves turning yellow?
Your plant probably need nitrogen. A great source of nitogen, even better than manure, is human hair. When you get your hair trimmed, save the excess hair clipping and mix it in around the soil of the plant.
9. Got a slug problem?
Slugs love beer. Just take a small container and fill it about halfway with beer, this can even be non-alcoholic beer. It is the yeast they love. They love it and can't resist the smell, only one small problem, they can't swim. They will fall in and drown.
10. Ever had fungi kill your seedlings?
Cinnamon works great. Just sprinkle cinnamon powder on the soil when you start plants from seeds and this will kill the fungal disease.
11. Another way cattle can fertilize.
If you have cattle or horses, you take the feed and mix it with molasses to fertilize your plants. Put a few pellets in your planting holes or lightly sprinkle them over soil.
12. Want to grow more roses?
Potatoes are perfect. Just make a slit in the potato, insert the stem of the rose, and plant the potato in rich soil with the stem sticking out above the ground. It is a great rose rooting medium.
13. Got an old aquarium to get rid of?
You can use it as an all-weather bird feeder. Just turn it on its side and place it in your yard with aluminum foil on the down-side of the glass that lay on the ground, and put birdseed on it. You can even see inside it, while your bird eat.
14. Give birds more nesting materials.
Take lint from your dryer, hair from your brush, or scraps of yarn and hang them up in an old onion sack in a tree or shrub. They love these treasures.
15. Rabbits being pests?
One thing that rabbits hate is the smell of rotten hay. It needs to be a year old and you just mulch your garden with it. You can also sprinkle red or black pepper and they hate the taste.
16. A repellent for rabbits, squirrels, deer, and raccoons.
Crush garlic and put it in a jug and fill it with water. Allow it to sit in the sun for a few days. Then strain the mixture and pour it into a plastic squirt bottle. Squirt it around the perimeter of your garden in the evening. Reapply after it rains too.
17. Run off mice, ants, and voles.
Gather and dry tansy in a cool, dry, dark place. Scatter the branches around your plants. This should stop them in their tracks.
18. Rodents eating your Tulip bulbs?
Encircle your tulips with Daffodils. They contain poisonous alkaloids that these pests hate.
19. Season bulbs with onion.
Grate onions on your bulbs before planting, then sprinkle more on the soil suface. This keeps rodents aways.
20. Keep deer out.
Plant gladiolus as a deer barrier. Deer won't eat them and they don't like walking through them. You'll need to to have thick rows of 1 and 1/2 to 2 feet wide.
21. Chalk up those ants.
To rid an area of ants, use plain old CHALK!  Yes, the chalk teachers use in school or your children use on the driveway!  If you can, draw a line where the ants are or crush the chalk an sprinkle where needed.
(Tip sent in by M. Oa)


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